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DIY Door Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Emphasizing Door Maintenance and the Power of DIY Doors are key to our homes. They keep us safe, control temperature and add beauty. Despite their importance, we often forget to maintain them. Regular care of doors is necessary for them to function well. Taking a DIY approach to door maintenance can prevent small issues from […]

Unlocking Energy Efficiency: The Key Role of Doors

In an era of escalating energy costs and growing environmental concerns, every aspect of home energy efficiency matters more than ever. One often-overlooked element is the humble door, which plays a significant role in your home’s overall energy conservation. The Science Behind Energy-Efficient Doors To fully grasp the significance of doors in home energy efficiency, […]

Why Proper Door Installation Matters

The overall integrity and ambiance of a home are often influenced by the smallest details, one of which is door installation. Doors not only serve as entryways but also contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of our homes. Therefore, their installation isn’t something to be taken lightly. In recent times, with the […]

Modern vs. Traditional: Door Trends of 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the latest door trends of 2023, brought to you by the experts at Tom’s River Door and Window. As we delve into this year’s most popular door styles, we’ll explore a diverse range of modern and traditional designs, providing you with a lot of inspiration for your next home […]

Full Steel Doors vs. Fiberglass Doors: Making the Right Choice

Welcome to Tom’s River Door & Window, your trusted source for high-quality doors and windows in Ocean and Monmouth County NJ. When it comes to choosing the perfect entry door, it’s essential to understand the differences between full steel and fiberglass doors. In this resource guide, we will provide you with a comparison of both […]