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Toms River Door & Window: Enhancing Your New Jersey Home with Houseplants

Houseplants have become more than just a trend picked up during the pandemic—they are a vital element in home design trends. Adding greenery and plants is an excellent way to bring life and energy to your home and windows, seamlessly integrating with your interior design aesthetic.

Practical Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants offer more than just a refreshing green touch and a reminder of nature’s accessibility. They provide numerous practical benefits for homeowners, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Noise Reduction and Absorption

Everyday household noise from cooking, talking, or children playing can sometimes be overwhelming. Additionally, external noise from busy streets or urban environments can be bothersome. Larger plants can absorb, diffract, and reflect noise, creating a quieter and more serene home environment.

Indoor Herb Gardens for Fresh Food

Culinary enthusiasts will appreciate having fresh ingredients on hand. Growing herbs like rosemary, thyme, or mint in a sunny indoor spot provides a continuous supply of fresh herbs for immediate use or for freezing for later.

Adding Visual Color and Interest

Houseplants pair beautifully with neutrals and natural textures like linen, jute, or rattan. They bring the outdoors inside, offering psychological benefits. Many home designers and stagers incorporate houseplants to enhance decor, but not all homeowners know how to use them effectively. Here are some expert tips.

How to Decorate with Houseplants

There’s no right or wrong way to decorate with houseplants. It’s about personal preference and the look you want. For a biophilic design—a trend that encourages a connection with nature—focus on a single room and fill it with plants. Alternatively, you can add a bit of green to each space with a plant or two per room. Remember, plants are living things requiring sunlight, water, and care to maintain their beauty.

Consider Your Natural Light Sources

Indirect light from windows suits many popular houseplants accustomed to tropical forest floors where light is filtered. South-facing windows provide direct light ideal for succulents or aloe plants. Place plants based on their lighting needs, whether they need to be hung in front of a window, placed on a stand, or positioned a few feet away.

Go Big in Your Home

For rooms needing a focal point or more life, large houseplants are excellent choices. Options like monstera, fiddle leaf fig, or mature elephant mask alocasia are show-stealers that can transform a space.

Small Details Matter (and Small Plants, Too)

Small plants and terrariums with succulents or cacti add coziness and modern appeal. They soften angular lines and complement neutral color schemes. Deep window sills, especially bay and bow windows, offer perfect spots for small plants needing direct sunlight.

Popular Home Decor Plants

For those new to houseplants or looking for easy-care options, here are some popular choices:

Fiddle Leaf Fig: A decor magazine favorite, known for its large foliage, requiring indirect light and space.
Aloe Plant: A windowsill staple with medicinal gel, producing offshoots that can be repotted.
Rubber Plants: Versatile in size, requiring natural light but not direct sun.
Philodendron: A favorite for its dramatic impact and ease of care, available in various leaf shapes.
Beginner-Friendly Houseplants

For those without time to tend to high-maintenance plants, hardy options like snake plants and spider plants are ideal. These plants tolerate low light, varying temperatures, and irregular watering. Cacti, requiring bright light, are also good for beginners if placed in south or west-facing windows.

Get Creative with Plant Placement in Your Home

While classic spots like bookshelves and window sills are popular, consider unique locations:

Shower Plants: Some plants thrive in the humidity of bathrooms.
Macrame Plant Hangers: A retro trend making a comeback, perfect for cascading plants like ivy.
Air Plants: No soil needed, making them easy to care for and versatile in decor.
Window Plant Shelves: Enhance natural light and the view by installing shelves for your plants.
Whatever plants you choose, the right windows can significantly impact their health and longevity. Schedule a consultation with Toms River Door & Window experts today to find the perfect windows for your New Jersey home.

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