Signs it Might be Time to Consider Replacement Windows

Signs it Might be Time to Consider Replacement Windows

Signs it Might be Time to Consider Replacement Windows

The leaves are turning and there is a chill in the air. While there are many things to love about fall, drafty windows isn’t one of them. With winter weather just around the corner, you need to make sure your current windows are up to the challenge of protecting your home from the cold. There are things you can look for that will help you determine if it’s time to consider having replacement windows installed.

Age and Location

On average, high-quality windows can last for 20 years or more. Older windows may still be working but not as well as they should be. If your windows are more than 20 years old, it’s probably time to think about replacing them, especially in coastal areas. Windows located in these areas are typically subjected to severe weather conditions, causing them to exhibit wear and tear quicker than normal.

Obvious Damage

Go around your home and inspect your windows. If you notice cracked glass or warped or broken window sashes, your window will not be able to effectively protect your home from the elements.

Increased Energy Costs

Energy costs always seem to be rising, but if your bills are showing a significant increase, your windows could be the culprit. Drafty windows impact your energy cost all year long, not just in the winter. Old or damaged windows will make your HVAC system work harder to keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level. In addition to increasing your energy costs, it also increases the wear and tear on your HVAC system. Installing replacement windows will help reduce your energy costs and keep your home comfortable.

Decreased Functionality

The older your windows get, the more difficult they can be to operate. They can stick, causing you to struggle every time you open and close them. Or maybe you’re propping them open because they won’t stay open on their own. This can be dangerous as well as inconvenient. Replacing windows that no longer operate properly will increase the functionally and safety of your home. Many replacement windows offer a tilt-in feature which makes cleaning them a breeze.

Home Makeover

When remodeling your home, don’t forget the windows. All of your efforts to give your home a fresh new look will go to waste if you don’t replace the old, worn out looking windows. These will diminish the appearance of both the interior and exterior of your home. Those restoring a historic home are often reluctant to consider replacement window, fearing they will detract from the home’s architecture and charm. With today’s replacement windows, this isn’t the case. There are many different styles and finishes, making it easy to upgrade your windows while staying true to the home style.

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It’s Time for Replacement Windows

If your windows are exhibiting any of these signs, it’s probably time to replace them. While it may seem like a big investment, replacement windows pay off in the long run. In addition to reduced energy costs and improved functionality, their aesthetics will up your curb appeal and increase your property value.

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