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Modern vs. Traditional: Door Trends of 2023

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the latest door trends of 2023, brought to you by the experts at Tom’s River Door and Window. As we delve into this year’s most popular door styles, we’ll explore a diverse range of modern and traditional designs, providing you with a lot of inspiration for your next home improvement project.

Trending Door Styles of 2023

From sleek minimalist designs to timeless classic styles, let’s take a look at the top door trends making waves in 2023.

Modern Door Styles

Industrial Steel Doors: Industrial steel doors are dominating the modern design scene in 2023. Their robust frames and large glass panels make them a perfect choice for homeowners seeking a contemporary, open feel. However, these doors may require more maintenance to prevent rusting or corrosion.

Flush Doors: Flush doors, known for their smooth, unadorned surfaces, offer a clean and minimalist aesthetic. They’re highly versatile and can be customized with different finishes and colors. However, they might lack the intricate details that other door styles offer.

Traditional Door Styles

Panelled Wooden Doors: Panelled wooden doors remain a favorite for traditional home styles. Their classic design and rich wood grains provide a warm, welcoming appeal. These doors are durable but may need regular maintenance to keep the wood in good condition.

Stained Glass Doors: Stained glass doors are making a comeback in 2023, offering a vibrant and artistic touch to traditional homes. While these doors add a unique charm, they may not provide as much privacy as other door styles.

Expert Opinions and Advice

Choosing the perfect door style for your home depends largely on your personal tastes, architectural style of your home, and practical needs. Rebecca Mitchell, an award-winning interior designer, suggests, “Always consider the overall style of your home. A modern door on a traditional home or vice versa can feel out of place.”

For those who are unsure about which style to choose, hybrid designs that blend modern and traditional elements are becoming increasingly popular. These designs offer the best of both worlds, combining the clean lines of modern design with the warmth and detail of traditional styles.

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