Replacing Your Front Door – Making the Best Choice For Coastal Living

Replacing Your Front Door

Replacing Your Front Door – Making the Best Choice For Coastal Living

Living at the shore is great. What’s not to love? The ocean breeze, the sun, and the refreshing salt air – these are all perks of coastal living. Unfortunately, these perks can take a toll on the exterior of your home, especially during the harsh winter months. Because it plays a crucial part in defending your home from the elements, replacing your front door may be a necessity if it is old or in disrepair and failing to properly protect your home.  

When venturing out to shop for a new front door, it can be helpful to understand the three main types of materials used to construct doors and how they stand up to the elements. This will help you make the best choice possible when replacing your front door.

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When homeowners go shopping for a new front door they are often seduced by the warmth and beauty of wood. The look of a real wood door is unparalleled compared to other types of doors. In addition to its curb appeal, a high-quality wood door will be sturdy and provide security for your home.

However, quality wood doors typically come with a hefty price. In many cases, they are the most expensive choice when replacing your front door, both in upfront and maintenance costs. Your wood entry door will require routine maintenance to keep it looking great. Periodic painting or staining a wood door will maintain its beauty

Painting and staining your wood door every couple years or so will only maintain its look. It will still be extremely susceptible to warping, rotting and expanding due to the moisture, salt air and weather extremes of coastal living.


A steel entry door may not have the same charm or appeal as a wood door but they offer a few benefits that a wood door can’t. They require less maintenance, are more weather resistant and provide superior strength and security when compared to wood entry doors. A heavy gauge steel entry door will provide maximum security and protection.

While steel entry doors may lack the natural beauty of wood, steel entry doors are also available in many different colors and finishes including a wood grain finish. Along with strength and durability, steel doors typically have a foam core insulation, making them very energy efficient. They will stand up to the elements much better than a wood door but are still susceptible to corrosion from the elements.


An increasingly popular choice for replacing your front door in coastal areas, fiberglass doors offer many of the same benefits as wood or steel doors. They are extremely durable, energy efficient and constructed with a foam core insulation. Unlike wood, fiberglass doors won’t warp, rot or expand. They’re also resistant to dents or scratches from the weather or the high volume of traffic most entry doors experience.  

Don’t worry about sacrificing curb appeal when replacing your front door with a fiberglass model. Fiberglass doors are available in a vast selection of colors, styles, and finishes, including wood grain finishes. You can get the beauty of a wood door without the hassle of maintenance. While they may not be quite as strong as a steel door, a fiberglass door is probably the best choice for replacing your front door when it comes to standing up to the elements and the everyday wear of coastal living.

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Replacing Your Front Door at the Shore?

If your ready to replace your front door and aren’t sure which type of door is the best choice for your home, we can help. With over 47 years of experience, Toms River Door & Window provides expert entry door replacement. We can install various types of entry doors including ProVia Signet and Therma Tru fiberglass doors. These high-quality entry doors offer beauty, durability and energy efficiency, exactly the features you need for coastal living. Contact us today and we can recommend and install the perfect front door for your home.




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