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Welcome to Toms River Door and Window, your trusted provider for exceptional sliding door services. With over 50 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and expert craftsmanship.

If you’re considering a new sliding door installation, you’ve come to the right place. Our team offers a diverse selection of styles, sizes, and customization options to perfectly match your home’s aesthetics and your personal preferences. From contemporary glass designs to classic wood finishes, we have something for every taste and budget.

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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We stand behind our work, and we won’t consider a job complete until you’re 100% happy with the results. We’re not just installing slding doors; we’re building trust and fostering long-lasting relationships with our customers in the local area for over 50 years.

Ready to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home with a premium sliding door from Toms River Door and Window? Get in touch with us today or visit our showroom. We look forward to serving you!

★★★★★ Frank M. ★★★★★ My friend Joe F. in July of 2023 purchased a home in Holiday City South. Not too long after moving in, he realized all the seals on his glass windows were compromised. Labels on the sash indicated Toms River Window and Door Co. installed them in 2014. After researching, he found they had a 10 year warranty that was about to expire. He called Toms River Window and Door and spoke to their representative, Tom. Tom was very professional and after his house inspection, he guided Joe through the claim process. With his help, Joe received new sash for the entire house. Thank you Toms River Window and Door for standing behind your product and helping my dear friend Joe F.Sharon H. ★★★★★ They did an excellent job all the way from the initial consultation to the final installation.Rebecca P. ★★★★★ It's been 2 years and I can tell these windows make a big difference in all seasons! I had them put in during the pandemic and had to wait for the supply chain but I was kept up to date throughout. The installation was during the coldest time of that year and the installers were amazing! My neighbor later told me how she watched them all day 😳(from her window not as good windows) and she was impressed. The installers were great as was everyone at the store. I don't know what made me drive in out of the blue that day but I immediately knew I wasn't looking elsewhere. I have had 2 other homes I helped remodel with Pella and Anderson and by far for me the quality of these windows are the best.Andrea S. ★★★★★ Excellent workmanship .Wayne & Chris were wonderful, hands of gold. Everyone at the office was very accommodating . John was the perfect salesman. Would highly recommend this business . Thank you all so much.Joanne L. ★★★★★ Very responsive and great to work with.lswin95 ★★★★★ LOVE the window, what a difference it makes! Adam & Joe, the installers were GREAT!!Kim F. ★★★★★ Had 15 windows and a sliding patio door in our house replaced.We got estimates from three different contractors and Toms River door and Window were very competitive. Their salesmen gave honest answers and guided us through the process, we did not feel they were trying to sell us something we didn't need, felt very comfortable dealing with them.The workers were very responsive to all questions and concerns. Several minor issues were dealt with immediately to our satisfaction. The work was not completed on time because of weather issues (rain). We were kept informed of all schedule changes during the weather-related issues. While disappointed the job took longer than planned the window installers did everything possible to complete the job while ensuring our house was safe. The window installers were polite, respectful and professional throughout the whole process.The windows have made a big difference during the recent ninety degree plus weather. Also, we have noticed a big reduction from outside noise such as trucks and lawn equipment.We recommend giving Toms River Door and Window and opportunity if you are looking for window or door replacement.Michael L. ★★★★★ Installed very large Window ACCalled ahead - Came on time - checked for our satisfaction - Kept to reasonable quote - Would recommend 🙂JR K. ★★★★★ In an era where mediocrity has become the norm, Toms River Door & Window exemplifies old world customer service, with a quality product offering and meticulous craftsmanship during installation. All aspects of our relationship with TRWD were excellent.Maria H. ★★★★★ I didn't have an appointment, but was welcomed & given info on awnings. Very accomodatingDonna S. ★★★★★ Very professional, did a wonderful job. My door and skylights are beautiful.Terry S. ★★★★★ Vinnie S. ★★★★★ Very satisfied. They did great work.Robert G. ★★★★★ Always a pleasant experience!!!Christine M. ★★★★★ This is my third time purchasing from TRDW. Had four windows total installed in 2012 /2013. Perfect to this date and still look new in 2021 and perfect seals no issues. In July 2020 I saved up to finally replace the rest. 14 more windows. Also made by Sunrise but this time all with the NRG which reduces noise from outside. Mike Varcardipane was my sales man. He is 100% honest up front just like the salesman I had twice in 2012/2013 who retired after. Mike told me in July that all the manufacturers were having delays so what used to be 3-4 weeks was 7+. Of course no fault of TRDW, sunrise had an outbreak had to shut plant etc so eventually got my windows. TRDW Installed end of Dec 2020, amazing difference with new windows.Well worth the wait. Much more comfortable, I set thermostat four degrees less, heat doesn't run as much.. Much less noise indoors. I have a stucco outside of my house. It's a custom built home dating to the 1940s. Installers installed the end caps, caulked, etc for my upstairs and floor one windows. Looked perfect day of installations for all 14 i bought. Did get warmer during New Years so some sections for caulk where it meets stucco separated in four different sections. I took pics sent to Mike over that weekend, installers returned next business day, fixed and had been perfect ever since regardless of temperature.Literally, they do a phenomenal job and understand customer service. I gladly paid and my check cleared to them fast. They been around in business longer than I have been alive.. And they are very busy for good reason. If you want something done right, you ask a busy person. If you want your windows installed right and to last a long time, you have TRDW sell and install them. They are not home depot.. TRDW are skilled workers, and honest from the salesman to the installers. You get what you pay for so I give them my highest recommendation.Jimmy G ★★★★★ We had a great experience from start to finish with the installation of our front door and are so glad we went with Toms River Door and Window after getting several estimates. Karl did a fantastic job installing our door. He prepped the area prior so that nothing was damaged during the install and cleaned things up perfectly afterwards.Brenda M. ★★★★★ I replaced all my windows. The installation and windows were beyond my expectations!! I will be using them again in the spring to replace a storm door.Joan Z. ★★★★★ This is our second time using Toms River Door & Window. Two years ago we bought a front door and was so pleased with the service and installation. Karl installed the storm and entry door. We have been given so many compliments for this beautiful door.Today, Karl came to install a sliding patio door. We are so very pleased with Karl; very professional, personable and clean!! Our patio door is exactly what we wanted.Thank you, Toms River Door & Window for another fantastic job!!Darlene M. ★★★★★ Staffers knowledgeable their products.michael S. ★★★★★ R p ★★★★★ Karen M. ★★★★★ You gotta have a CortneyHeather H. ★★★★★ Today I had a storm door and an interior door installed. By far the most professional installation by anyone to have done work in my home. Carl and Ryan worked as if they were one person, each knowing what to do next. These two men were both professional and have an excellent working knowledge of their product. Both are an asset to their company.My wife and I are extremely happy and recommend Tom's River Windows and Doors at the highest level as well as Carl & Ryan.Great productGreat priceGreat installers.Equals very happy!!Richie L. ★★★★★ Really like Bob.Joyce S ★★★★★ Recently had windows installed . Process from start to finish was second to none. I can't be happier with new windows and everyone at Toms River Door and Window. Installers were great. Other than the new windows you would not even know they were their that's how clean they left my home. I would recommend them and I will be be using for future projects. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!Brian D. ★★★★★ April C. ★★★★★ Dean H.js_loader

Sliding Doors, Done Right!

We understand that a sliding door is more than just an entrance or exit. It’s a statement piece, a source of natural light, and an efficient space saver. It can transform your living spaces and enhance the overall appeal of your home. Therefore, we take every measure to ensure that your sliding door installation or repair is done with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Our team of experienced professionals uses their extensive knowledge and skills to tackle each project with enthusiasm and dedication. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we work closely with you, keeping you informed at every stage and ensuring that the end result aligns with your expectations.

We use only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your sliding door stands the test of time. We also offer a comprehensive warranty on our products and services because we stand behind our work and value your peace of mind.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We take the time to understand your needs and desires, and we go the extra mile to meet them. Our team is always available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide after-sales support.

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Frequently Asked Sliding Door Questions

Common materials include wood, aluminum, and PVC. Each has its advantages: wood offers a classic look, aluminum is durable and low-maintenance, and PVC is cost-effective and energy-efficient. The choice depends on your aesthetic preference and functional needs.

Enhancing security can be achieved by installing sturdy locks, using reinforced or tempered glass, and incorporating additional security bars or sensors. 

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the tracks, lubricating the rollers, and checking for any loose screws or parts. Keeping the track free of debris is crucial for smooth operation.

A sticking door often results from dirt or obstruction in the track or issues with the rollers. Cleaning the track and adjusting or replacing the rollers usually resolves this issue.

es, modern sliding doors come with energy-efficient features like double-glazing, low-E coatings, and weather stripping. These features help reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency in your home.

Absolutely! We offer a range of customization options including different materials, colors, glass types, and sizes to match your home’s design and your personal style.

The cost varies based on the door size, material, and additional features like energy-efficient glass or custom designs. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific needs.

Yes, sliding doors can be suitable for various climates with the right material and insulation choices. We offer doors designed to withstand different environmental conditions, ensuring durability and performance.

Continue Learning About Sliding Doors With Us

At Toms River Door and Window, we believe knowledge is power. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your sliding doors.

Did you know we have a blog dedicated to everything you need to know about sliding doors? From choosing the right style and size to maintenance tips and troubleshooting guides, our blog is a treasure trove of useful information.

Whether you’re just starting your journey into the world of sliding doors or you’re looking to deepen your understanding, our blog has something for everyone. We update it regularly with fresh and engaging content, so there’s always something new to learn.

Troubleshooting Sliding Door Problems

Steer clear of issues with our quality products and our exceptional service.

Difficulty in opening and closing a sliding door is often due to debris or dirt in the track, misaligned rollers, or wear and tear of the door’s hardware. Regular cleaning and periodic adjustments can usually resolve this issue.

To fix a door that’s off its track, carefully lift the door and guide the rollers back onto the track. Check for any damaged rollers or obstructions in the track that may have caused the issue.

If the lock is not working, it could be due to misalignment between the door and the frame, or an issue with the lock mechanism itself. Adjusting the door’s position or replacing the lock might be necessary.

Air leaks are usually caused by worn weather stripping or gaps between the door and frame. Replacing the weather stripping or using sealants can effectively stop air leaks.

Squeaking usually results from lack of lubrication on the door’s tracks or rollers. Cleaning the tracks and applying a silicone-based lubricant can eliminate the noise.

Condensation inside the glass typically indicates a broken seal in double-glazed doors. This often requires professional repair or glass replacement.

A heavy sliding door may be due to bent tracks, worn rollers, or lack of lubrication. Inspecting these components and making necessary repairs or replacements can solve the problem.

A bent track can be straightened using tools like pliers or a hammer, but extreme care must be taken to avoid further damage. In some cases, track replacement might be the best solution.

Regular cleaning and applying a rust-inhibiting lubricant can prevent rust and corrosion. Ensuring good drainage and moisture control around the door also helps.

Minor scratches can be buffed out with a glass repair kit. For deeper scratches, it might be necessary to replace the glass.

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