Ready for New Garage Door Installation? Consider a Hormann Steel Door

Aug 11, 2017

Most homeowners use their garage door every day. Despite this constant use, homeowners typically don’t consider new garage door installation until their old one stops working properly. If you have an older model garage door, it might be time to think about replacing it. Today’s steel models offer many benefits your old garage door just can’t provide.


Steel doors are a popular choice when it comes to new garage door installation because of their durability. In addition to normal use, your garage door is exposed to the elements every day.  A steel door will be much more resistant to humidity, rain, and heat than a wooden door.

Hormann garage doors are constructed with 24 to 25 gauge galvanized steel for maximum durability. They also have fully boxed and center stiles for enhanced structural integrity. They offer an Extreme Package which includes commercial grade hardware and rollers as well as 3” heavy duty struts and extended cycle ‘spring.

Despite the durability of steel garage doors, many homeowners prefer the look of wood. With Hormann’s Rainslope wood grain textured, galvanized and finish painted steel doors, you can have both.

Energy Efficient

Many modern steel doors are fortified with insulation, making them more energy efficient than older models. This feature becomes even more important if your home has an attached garage. Just like you want a front door that is well insulated and sealed, why wouldn’t you want your garage door to be as well? A well-insulated garage door offers another layer of defense against outside temperature. This can help protect the contents of your garage and allow you to more efficiently control the temperature inside your home.  

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Hormann garage doors offer various levels of insulation, up to the R-value of 16.1, provided by their Taurus 4200 Series. Hormann uses environmentally friendly 100% CFC & HCFC free polyurethane insulation. To further enhance energy efficiency, the Gemini and Orion collections and the Taurus 4200 series are constructed with deep tongue and groove section joints to prevent air filtration and contribute to the garage door’s superior strength. The Taurus 4200 Series is also constructed with door hinges firmly screwed through four layers of steel, providing reliable operation and long lasting service.


Strength, durability, and energy efficiency are very important when it comes to new garage door installation. At the same time, you want your garage door to complement your home’s exterior. Hormann offers a variety of garage door models, many with customizable options such as texture, color, and style. There are models that come with or without windows as well as different window shapes and decorative glass styles to choose from. You will have no trouble finding a Hormann garage door that is perfect for your home.

Safety and Security

Hormann garage doors offer other special features to increase your home’s security and your personal safety. Standard on all their steel door models, galvanized lock clips enhance your safety by securing the rollers in place on bottom brackets and adjustable tops. Hormann steel doors all have their exclusive Finger Guard section joints, preventing finger injuries and providing an airtight seal. Adding a Liftmaster or Genie garage door opener will increase the safety and security of your new garage door and provide you with comfort and convenience.

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Professional Garage Door Installation

When you are ready for a new garage door, it’s important to hire a professional. Improper garage door installation can make operating the door dangerous and compromise the safety and security of your home and family. It can also diminish the energy efficiency of your new garage door.

Toms River Door and Window Company prides itself on experience, craftsmanship and a deep commitment to customer service. An authorized dealer of Hormann Garage Doors, we can help you choose the right garage door for your home and provide you with professional garage door installation. Don’t put off replacing that old garage door any longer. Contact us today for a free estimate.